Government And Big Business - The Cruel Taxes Conspiracy

A New Consciousness Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness Part II

It’s 7:30pm on Saturday, August 11, 2012 and you’re simply probably wondering, “Why is Kimberly giving us time and date information?” You see, I usually write inside the wee hours of morning. My creative juices have a tendency to flow much better prior to cock crows. However, the exception today is not lacking a crisis!

The other day, someone had come to me with the interesting plot to take around the world, a giant conspiracy theory indeed. It was a take-off on the whole New World Order concept borrowing equipment from all of the conspiracy theories out there and combining them, it had religions, politics, holograms, aliens, NASA, and well, take your pick, everyone and everything mysterious was involved all wrapped into one. The claim or conspiracy theory had taken almost all of it and woven it in a supposedly true plot to “take around the globe” which taught me to be smile and laugh, but will we possess a mental health condition amongst each one of these humans? I think so, allow me to explain.

Anyone who has undertaken any serious research and who’s don’t with a high spiritual plateau zonked out with incense, candles and mystic chants will see how necessary it can be for humans to awaken en-masse. Sadly this is unlikely to take place unless a mega catastrophe happens somewhere. Then within 9 days mass demise and destruction will no longer hit the headlines and we will be once again gossiping about the latest celebrity scandal or some other mind numbing story.

These brokers lure the inexperienced investors and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their website, even though the trader loses money these brokers break the bank. Did you know, that the Forex market doesn’t have place of business with no central exchange? This also means that these fx brokers are legally in a position to not simply manipulate the market data but trade against their own clients!

Let’s take a short look at this cartel’s background. Since the inception with the Federal Reserve in 1913 there have been major stock exchange crashes in 1921 and 1929; the Great Depression for decade through the 1930s, recessions in 1953, 57, 69, 75 and 81, “Black Monday” in 1987 and 1000% inflation which includes led to a 90% decrease in the dollar’s purchasing power. By the year 1990, it took $10,000 dollars to buy what an equivalent $1,000 dollars could have purchased in 1914. Monetary scientists will tell you that decrease in value may be used in the us government available as hidden taxation and that the Federal Reserve will be the strategies by which this is accomplished. Today, consumer debt, business debt, national debt, local government debt and even world debt have reached historical highs! Think about objective number 2 and yes it becomes quite clear to determine why debt is at record highs today. For many today, their quality and peace of life has diminished greatly. This being due to the economic situation or recession could be the reason most gives. However I feel that the actual, most true and accurate reason at the root level will be the conspiracy with the Federal Reserve banking cartel, created some one 100 years ago and still going stronger than ever before today! One needs to find out through the illusion and understand the conspiracy to be able to protect oneself financially today. I would hope everyone eventually does and that this criminal cartel be eventually abolished. Conspiracy Facts is my personal and expect the way forward for this nation as well as the world as an example.